Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jousting at the NJ Ren Faire

Witness the thrilling ancient spectacle of jousting 
– right here in New Jersey!
 Armed knights to compete at 2nd annual 
New Jersey Renaissance Faire
 Event will be hosted by Liberty Lake, on June 4-5, and June 11-12

Spectators at this year’s second annual New Jersey Renaissance Faire, held on the grounds of Liberty Lake in Columbus, NJ will have an opportunity to view a staple of medieval tournaments – the combat sport of jousting. As originally conceived more than a millennium ago, jousting is a deadly serious contest between mounted knights, who charge each other with lances and shields. 

“These jousting knights are going to bring the excitement level at this year’s faire to dramatic new heights,” says Andy Pritikin, director of Liberty Lake Day Camp. “Those who are fortunate enough to be watching will truly feel they’ve gone back in time to the Middle Ages.”

Like some sports, jousting can potentially be quite dangerous.  To protect themselves, participants don a heavy, metal helm, armor and shield.  The armor used in modern competitions replicates 12th century designs, with some additional modern padding included to enhance safety. 

The most successful knights are those who have the finest mounts. It takes an extremely courageous, well-trained horse to willingly gallop directly toward another knight’s mount. Years of preparation are required before any horse can be deemed ready to actually participate in the sport.

The rules for modern jousting – more or less passed down for centuries – are extremely specific. Points are gained by using the lance to strike the chest or the center of the shield of the opposing knight. Any participant may be disqualified if he touches any part of the opposing knight’s body except the center of the chest.

Additional information on the second annual New Jersey Renaissance Faire – along with discounted tickets – is available at The event begins on the weekend of June 4-5, and concludes on the weekend of June 11-12.

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