Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2011 Season a Great Success

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our second annual New Jersey Renaissance Faire.  We have heard nothing but positive feedback and the number of guests we had greatly increased from last year.  The reaction of the kids to our show was one of the most rewarding things for me to witness.  Everyone had a ball at the faire, and for the children, the magic was very real.  Whether it was meeting larger than life heroes like the Lords of Adventure or King Arthur and his knights, or searching for answers in the Quest for the Rose game, smiles were worn all day long on the young faces.

We are all very pleased to be a part of what we are creating here.  It is great to see the power of real human interaction to the people of our culture who are used to TV and instant messaging.  The most common compliment i heard about our show was how welcome everyone felt and the strength of our cast in bringing the streets to life in our little village. 

Many old friends returned, like the Four Pieces of Eight, Rising Regina, the Mad Mechanicals, Adamo Ignis, Marshall Laww, the Merry Musick Makers and we also had many new friends and entertainers that were a resounding success.  The crowd really enjoyed Emomojo Jousting, David Smith the One Man Sideshow, Mars Mandrake the Magician, Passtimes Musicke, Ash Cary and his falcons along with many others who joined us this year as well. We will have many more in 2012.

We also saw many other special events and services arrive.  Jason Klein joined our management team and brought his glass blowing expertise, Howling Woods Farms brought majestic wolves and we added many new games including the Fight Circle, The Paste in Ye Face, and a fully functional catapult supplied by a local scout troupe.

All in all, our faire is on the grow and i am sure i missed some very wonderful additions that we had.  The greatest addition however, was all of the new faces and patrons who graced us with their presence.  It is that support that lets us keep doing what we love to do and we are forever in your debt.  We hope to see you again in 2012. 

Kind regards, TJ Miller and the staff of the New Jersey Renaissance Faire.

The New Jersey Renaissance faire will be held on June 2, 3 and 9, 10 of 2012, along with a school day on Friday June 1.  Visit us at

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wild Beasts invade New Jersey Renaissance Faire

     We had an amazing opening weekend and thank you all for coming out to support our show.  This weekend the village of Crossford will be invaded by all manner of wild beasts.  Wolves and wolfdog hybrids from Howling Woods Farm were at our Shire last weekend and will also be on June 11 and 12.  Howling Woods provides education about wolves and wolf hybrids to the public and places these beautiful animals.  They do not encourage breeding, but try and help these majestic animals that are with us now.  Visit their website at and come visit them this weekend.

Also joining us this weekend will be the falconer Ash Cary who many of you may know from the Pennsylvania Rennaissance Faire.  He will be flying his birds twice a day this weekend in an educational show about human kinds history and relationship with these beautiful raptors.  You can also see him this fall at the Pennsylvania Rennaissance Faire.

It is also highly likely that we will be having rescue greyhounds at our faire on the weekend as well.  If you are looking for a companion, they will even be able to help you adopt one of these amazing animals. 

As always we will have six stages of quality entertainment for you to revel in all day at the New Jersey Renaissance Faire including a full scale joust, which also uses rescued horses as well.  Strike up a conversation with one of our armored knights about the journey those mighty steeds took to arrive here on our joust list.

Join us this weekend for our final weekend of the 2011 season.  Join our email list and find discounted tickets at and Long Live the Duke!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Jersey Renaissance Faire opens this weekend!

June 4th the NJ Ren Faire opens for 2nd season

Make sure you get to Liberty Lake in Columbus, NJ this weekend for the second annual New Jersey Renaissance Faire.  We have more than tripled our group of merchants, including historical glass blowing by Jason Klein who recently did the prop for the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie and is slated to work on the upcoming Hobbit film.  We have added a full gaming glen with such merriment as Jacob's Ladder, a rock climbing wall, knife and axe throw, the Fight Circle that has been at PA Ren Faire for years, a dunk tank with beautiful mermaids and much more. 

As always our in-house cast will bring the streets alive in the village of Crossford and try to help save King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table from a wicked curse placed on them by the beautiful and evil Morgana La Fey.  The NJ Renaissance Faire players are joined by many talented independent acts as well including the amazing Rising Regina whose harmonies and old rock style we fell in love with, David Smith the One Man Sideshoe who was seen on America's Got Talent and Carson Daly live, William Shakespeare the Bard of Avon, The Mad Mechanicals who put the "Shake" in Shakespeare, fire breathers, gypsy dancers, a full scale joust and many many more.  

We also have an official gate now that you can see in the picture above that opens onto beautiful views of Liberty Lake.  Come out and join the merriment, fun will be had by the whole family.  See you at the faire.

Discount tickets are available online at or you can get tickets at the gate.