Monday, October 29, 2012

This is supposed to be a Renaissance Faire how in the name of Queen Bess's bloomers do you have William Wallace?

2013 Preview Video - William Wallace Scenario

We have had some very non-Renaissance plots and scenarios in our three seasons of the New Jersey Renaissance Faire and are about to have another one when William Wallace arrives this June at the village of Crossford.  Our first year scenario was centered around Maid Marian and Robin Hood.  In year two we were visited by King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.  Last year we had the Three Musketeers all the way from France and the 1600's.  Our first four plots come from times in history that are clearly not the Renaissance (you can argue for the Three Musketeers, but it is still not typical Renaissance Faire material) so how do we have the audacity to call ourselves a Renaissance Faire?

There is a secret in our village of Crossford that for all purposes seems like any normal village in the English countryside in the 1500's if you do not look too closely.  But the nobles of Northumberland (the English region our little village is located in) know of a secret that they have protected for generations.  The woods and forests that surround the village of Crossford are magic, still resonating with the old magic of the fey.  Each year at the strong times, the harvest festivals, the solstices, the equinox, there is a chance that some hero out of history will be brought to Crossford to change the path of their destiny.  These heroes stand at a crossroads and are about to make a decision that history and the magic knows is not the right one.  They are brought to Crossford to get back on the right path.  The Dukes of Northumberland and the villagers of Crossford have always been there to help.

So, our village and faire is set in an English village in the 1500's, 1561 to be exact this year, but our magical shire gives us the chance to explore other heroes and the idea of what one can do when they have another chance.  Come to Crossford yourself and experience the magic.  Maybe you are standing at a Crossroads yourself and the citizens of our fine village are more than willing to help you on your way.

The New Jersey Renaissance Faire and the village of Crossford are located on the grounds of Liberty Lake in Columbus, NJ.  The magic of the lake and the woods will bring our village from the 1500s into our century on June 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th of 2013, from 11 AM until 6 PM, rain or shine.  Long live the Duke and Duchess.  Check out the website at!

For a little more on the background of Crossford watch the 1st preview video for our 2013 season.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2013 Faire Scenario Released!

What hero of legend will arrive at Crossford this year?  Watch our 2nd preview video to find out at this link:

The village of Crossford, home of the New Jersey Renaissance Faire is surrounded by a magical woods.  In other ways, it is a typical village in England in the 1560's.  The citizens raise their families here and work their fields and live their lives.  But, each year, the magic of the woods brings a hero out of history to this village to solve some problem they are involved with.  They are about to make a choice that history knows is the wrong one, and the citizens of Crossford and the good Duke and Duchess of Northumberland help to set them back on their path.

In our first year, 1558, Maid Marian had agreed to marry the Sheriff of Nottingham.  The citizens of Crossford put her back in the arms of her true love Robin Hood.  In 1559, King Arthur was brought to Crossford to save the Round Table itself, and save it we did.  Last year, 1560, D'Artagnan actually came back in time from the 1600's with his friends the Three Musketeers.  He was going to forsake his fate and destiny to become a Musketeer to save his lady love.  By the end of the day, he was welcomed into the ranks the Musketeers and history breathed a sigh of relief.

This year, it might go something like this...

The Duke's court begins as it always does.  The citizens of Crossford and their guest wait to see what hero of legend will emerge from the woods this year.  There appears on the stage an English King and a noble from the north, set to make a deal that will forever alter the course of their two nations.  Suddenly, bagpipes ring out on the hill and a lone Scotsman steps forward to bring sense to his friend who has lost his way.  Tensions are high as the king clearly sees this man as his enemy.  It is up to the Duke and Duchess to bring things to a resolution that will not lead to the crossing of swords at his own morning court.  Chess match anyone?  

Join William Wallace and Robert the Bruce this year as they battle for the future of Scotland versus King Edward "Longshanks" at the 2013 New Jersey Renaissance Faire.

The New Jersey Renaissance Faire will be held at glorious Liberty Lake in Mansfield Township, NJ, Interstate 295 exit 52 A.  11 AM until 6 PM Saturday and Sunday, rain or shine.  Visit the website at for discount tickets and more details.