Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wild Beasts invade New Jersey Renaissance Faire

     We had an amazing opening weekend and thank you all for coming out to support our show.  This weekend the village of Crossford will be invaded by all manner of wild beasts.  Wolves and wolfdog hybrids from Howling Woods Farm were at our Shire last weekend and will also be on June 11 and 12.  Howling Woods provides education about wolves and wolf hybrids to the public and places these beautiful animals.  They do not encourage breeding, but try and help these majestic animals that are with us now.  Visit their website at and come visit them this weekend.

Also joining us this weekend will be the falconer Ash Cary who many of you may know from the Pennsylvania Rennaissance Faire.  He will be flying his birds twice a day this weekend in an educational show about human kinds history and relationship with these beautiful raptors.  You can also see him this fall at the Pennsylvania Rennaissance Faire.

It is also highly likely that we will be having rescue greyhounds at our faire on the weekend as well.  If you are looking for a companion, they will even be able to help you adopt one of these amazing animals. 

As always we will have six stages of quality entertainment for you to revel in all day at the New Jersey Renaissance Faire including a full scale joust, which also uses rescued horses as well.  Strike up a conversation with one of our armored knights about the journey those mighty steeds took to arrive here on our joust list.

Join us this weekend for our final weekend of the 2011 season.  Join our email list and find discounted tickets at and Long Live the Duke!!!

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