Monday, January 21, 2013

Two Paths Before Him

That's AJ being flung into Liberty Lake by Dave Catanese

Our auditions for the 2013 season of the New Jersey Renaissance Faire have come and gone.  We had over sixty people come out for us and we were amazed by the level of talent that we saw, all people eager to be a part of the village of Crossford and help us bring the magic of the faire to life.  We will be making decisions on casting over the next couple of weeks but some things have been decided.

             We would like to congratulate AJ Gagliardi who will be playing the part of Robert the Bruce at this year's faire.  This is AJ's second season with us and last year you would have seen him as the dashing Cardinal's Guard,  Bicarat.  His battle on the chess board and later being throne into the lake, against Dave Catanese playing the role of Athos the Musketeer is a New Jersey Renaissance Faire legend.  AJ is a graduate with a BA in Theater and Drama from Johnsons State College.  He has appeared in such stage shows as One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Into the Woods and Peter Pan and played a press photographer on the television show Law & Order SVU.  He is a certified actor combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors and has won numerous awards for his acting achievements.  AJ is extremely excited to continue to play the role of Robert the Bruce, after starring as that character in the first three preview videos for this year's faire, including the one that is linked for you below.

              Although William Wallace and King Edward are the characters people tend to think about, our story is really more about Robert the Bruce and the crossroads he stands at.  It was Robert the Bruce that the magic of Crossford brought to us this year to be put back on the right path.  William Wallace and King Edward are at no crossroads, they are set in their ways and know exactly what path they will take, but Robert, Robert can make a choice and has decisions to make.

               Watch our next preview video to get a window into what is going on in the mind of our lead character, and once again, congratulations to AJ Gagliardi and we look forward to seeing you in your kilt and blue face paint this year, bringing the village of Crossford to life.

Robert the Bruce Preview Video

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